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How to Dip Nails: The Complete Makeup Guide

Dip powder nails are the latest manicure trend, and for a good reason. They look fabulous, are easy to apply, and last for up to six whole weeks. If you are looking for a long-lasting manicure, then you’ve got to try dip nails. Today, we will cover everything you need to know about how to try this stunning manicure. Trust us. Once you give dip nails a try, you’ll never go back to the time and expense of the salon. 

Dip nails are a great option when you can’t make time for weekly trips to the salon. Whether you are going on a long vacation or you’re tied up with a busy work schedule, dip nails will look amazing without ever chipping. You can apply them at home in a matter of minutes, then get back to your jam-packed schedule with a stunning set of nails that are built to last. 

What Are Dip Nails?

Dip nails are a type of manicure that uses superfine acrylic powders to create a long-lasting manicure that is easy to apply. Simply paint on your base coat and dip your nail into the colorful powder—hence the name dip powder. 

Once you have two layers of color, a special activator is applied to the nail, which hardens your manicure instantly. If you have ever gotten a gel manicure, the results are similar, except dip powder manicures use a liquid activator instead of potentially harmful UV lights to cure. Dip powder nails also last twice as long as gel manicures and are easier to apply than any other type of polish. 

What You Need To Try Dip Nails At Home

Trying dip nails at home is easier than ever with the help of a Nailboo Dip Kit. These handy kits come with everything you need to try dip powder nails at home, from application to removal. With each kit, you will get the complete three-step liquid kit and a cleaner for finishing effects. You’ll also get build powder, colored powder, a brush, a four-way file, cuticle pusher, and remover clips to help you safely remove your manicure when it’s time for a fresh set.

There are three different Nailboo kits to choose from, based on how many colors you want to start with. If you are just starting out with dip powder manis, then you should get the Starter Kit

The Starter Kit costs $75 and comes with all the tools you need, plus one dip powder color of your choice. Each jar of dip powder lasts for up to 30 sets of nails. That’s the equivalent of 30 trips to the salon. With just one jar of color powder, you will be well on your way to saving time and money with dip nails. 

If you have tried dip nails before or just want a few more color options for different occasions and outfits, try the Essentials Kit. This kit is the most popular dip kit we sell. With this kit, you get all the tools you need plus four different colors of your choice for just $115. With 30 sets of nails per jar, you get 120 manicures with this set. That means that each manicure costs you less than one dollar—take that, salon prices!

Have you already tried dip nails before? Then you already know how fantastic they are. You should get the Pro Kit. This kit comes with your choice of six different colors and is the best overall value. This kit is priced at $140 and will last you for 180 manicures. That means you will be paying just 78 cents per manicure—an unheard of deal! 

All you need to do is pick the right kit for you, and Nailboo will take care of the rest. In just a few days, your kit will be shipped straight to your home, and you get started with this game-changing manicure. Get ready for 365 days of stunning salon-quality nails!

How To Apply Dip Nails

Applying dip nails is quick and easy. Once you practice a little, you will be able to apply this manicure in less than ten minutes. This process is easy and mess-free so that you can give yourself a stunning manicure any time anywhere. You’ll be amazed by how quick and easy dip nails can be!

To apply dip nails, simply follow these easy steps:

  • Start With Clean Nails- For the best results, start by washing your nails to make sure there are no oils or lotions on them. 
  • Push Back Your Cuticles- To begin your mani, prep your nails by gently pushing back your cuticles with the handy cuticle pusher from your kit. 
  • Base Coat and Build- Apply a layer of Nailboo Base coat to one nail, then dip it into the Build Powder. Repeat this with each nail. This step will protect your natural nails and create the perfect base for your color to stick to. Once you have dipped each nail in Build Powder, use the brush to remove any excess powder from your fingers. 
  • Base Coat and Color Powder- Next, apply the Base coat to one nail, then dip it into the color powder of your choice. Repeat this with each nail, then brush off the excess powder once again. After your first coat of color powder, apply the Base coat and color powder once again. Even with lighter shades, you will typically only need two coats of our vibrant color powders for salon-quality color.
  • Activator Coat- After you have applied the color, paint each nail with the special Activator liquid and wait two minutes for it to dry. This is the step that instantly hardens your manicure for durable, long-lasting results. 
  • File and Buff- Next, use the coarse area on your four-way file from your kit to buff the tops of your nails. This may seem strange but don’t worry, the results will speak for themselves.  
  • Activate and Buff Again- Once you're done buffing, paint each nail with a second coat of Activator and buff the tops of your nails one more time. 
  • Top Coat- To finish off your manicure with a glossy shine, apply two layers of glossy top coat to each nail. Wait two minutes between coats so the top coat can dry. Nailboo’s shiny top coat will bring your whole manicure together and give you the fresh salon-quality results you deserve. This amazing top coat will even protect your nails from the harmful UV rays of the sun!

Applying dip nails is very different from other manicure processes, so it may take you a few tries to get used to it. Once you get the hang of it, you will be able to apply this manicure in less than 10 minutes. 

How To Remove Dip Nails

Removing your dip manicure is easy with Nailboo’s handy Removal Clips. Simply buff the tops of your nails to remove the top layer of polish, and then apply an acetone-soaked cotton round to the top of each nail. Secure the piece of cotton with the Removal Clips and wait 30 minutes or until you can easily scrape off the polish with the cuticle pusher. 

With the Removal Clips, you will be able to relax while the acetone gets to work. This is a great time to flip through your favorite magazine or watch an episode of your favorite show. Be sure to wait until the polish easily comes off. You never want to peel or pick off the polish, as this could damage your natural nails. 



Wrap Up

Nailboo Dip Kits make getting a salon-quality manicure at home super easy. The hardest part is choosing your colors from the 58 amazing color powder options. Nailboo has the perfect color for any style or occasion. You can even use dip powder to give yourself a gorgeous manicure with designs like this beautiful marbled effect

With dip manicures, the possibilities are endless, and the results are flawless time after time. Once you start applying dip nails at home, you will never return to the time and expense of trips to the salon. Why would you when you can get the same gorgeous results at home for a fraction of the price

Get started on your dip nail journey today with the help of a Nailboo Dip Kit. Your nails will look so good; your friends will be wondering who your amazing new nail tech is. With all the tools and supplies you need, you will be able to give yourself a fresh manicure whenever you want. We all love the boost that a fresh set of nails gives you. Why not have it whenever you want?



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