Nine Beautiful & Trendy Nude Nail Designs for a Classy Look

Nine Beautiful & Trendy Nude Nail Designs for a Classy Look

A classic nude nail is nothing short of stunning. The glossy finish and shade are perfect for any occasion and anyone of any skin color. Neutral is the hue that is always on-trend.

Why Is Nude a Trendy Nail Shade?

Nude is a pale beige or tan shade. It’s a true neutral mixture of brown and white. True neutral shades pair well with almost all colors, making them the perfect choice for nail color. Nude shades often have a pink or yellow undertone and are in high demand in the beauty and fashion industries. It makes perfect sense why nude is the shade of choice for a classic manicure.

Nude Nail Designs You’ll Obsess Over

We’ve established why nude nails make the cut for one of the most trendy and universal shades to make headlines in the beauty industry. Now we’ll show you a few nude designs you can create at home with your Nailboo dip kit

1. Classic Nude Nails

We will start with the most basic nude mani: the classic nude nail. After nail prep, apply the Nailboo base coat and builder powder. Nailboo Nude Attitude is the only colored dip powder you need for this manicure. Dip your nails a few times in the color, apply the base coat between dips, and finish the mani with the activator, nail filing, and top coat for a high-gloss, classic shine.

2. Nude and Blue Nails

Choose nude and blue to create a quirky nail design. Blue attracts attention, and the nude shade gives the design depth and dimension. This design utilizes Nailboo dip powder colors in Latte Lady, Blues Clues, and Baby Blues.

Apply the base coat first, then dip the nails in the builder powder. Apply another layer of base coat and dip the nails one by one into Blues Clues. Apply a third base coat, then sprinkle Latte Lady to half of the nail and Baby Blues to the other half. 

Continue using the base coat and sprinkling half and half with the colors until you reach the color opacity you like. Complete the look with activator, filing, and top coat. 

The nude and blue combo looks perfectly chic and funky at the same time.

3. Nude and White Nails

Nailboo Almond Allure and Wedding Cake are perfect for this modern take on the French manicure. Choose nude and white for a crisp, clean, “put-together” mani. Dip the nails a few times in Almond Allure for all-over color, then sprinkle Wedding Cake on the tips. Make the white tips as thick or thin as you like. 

4. Marbled Nude Nails

Creating a marbled design with dip powder isn’t difficult once you learn the technique. Our marble nails tutorial will walk you through step-by-step how to achieve this swirled effect. 

Snag the Nailboo dip powders in Latte Lady and Tuscan Tea for this design. 

You will use Tuscan Tea as the all-over base color and Latte Lady for the marbling. The lighter nude base provides the perfect clean slate for the more prominent darker marbled swirls. 

Two contrasting colors create the marbling effect, so this design works well with many Nailboo dip powders.

5. Nude Lustre Nails

Shimmer and shine match any look but add it to a nude shade, and you’ve scored big! Nailboo Glam Queen goes all-out to give your nails the diva shine they deserve. No strings attached. 

Use Chestnut Chills as the base all-over dip color and sprinkle several layers of glittery Glam Queen on top for massive shine. Your nails will glisten for days in this nail set.

6. Gradient Nude Nails

Ombre and color gradients are on-trend and they’re simple to create with the right products. Nailboo has what it takes to make these looks. 

Create a pastel nude gradient nail set using Nailboo Latte Lady, No Fig Deal, and Velvet Lust. Dip the pinky fingernails in the darkest color, Latte Lady. Dip the ring fingers in No Fig Deal, and the middle, pointer, and the thumbnails into Velvet Lust.

This color gradient combines nudes, plums, and brown to create beautiful, classy digits you’ll want to flaunt.

7. Nude With an Accent Shimmer Nails

Create this design in a snap with Nailboo Tuscan Tea and Day Dreamer. Use Tuscan Tea as the all-over color for all nails except the ring finger. Then, dip the ring fingers into Day Dreamer for the shimmery accent nail. You can create this simple mani in no time flat. 

8. Nude and Black Mod Nails

Nailboo Nude Attitude steals the show in solid form with this design. Use it as the solid background color for mod black nail art. You need black striping polish to paint delicate nail designs, swirls, zig-zags, or dots onto each nail after you’ve achieved your level of opacity with Nude Attitude.

This design brings out your creative side. Each nail can be the same or different, which makes this nail set unique to you.

9. Delicate Nude and White Floral Nails

Nailboo Big Blush powder sets the tone for a feminine nail set filled with delicate floral patterns. Dip all nails in a solid coating of Big Blush until you reach your desired color opacity, then bring out your white striping polish. Using the striping polish, paint flowers, vines, and tiny polka dots onto each nail. The white flowers add a dainty feature to each nail. 

What Makes Nailboo Special?

Nailboo products offer long-lasting manicures you create at home at a fraction of the price of salon visits. The dip powder is easy to apply, remove, and dries in seconds with no UV or LED lamp required!

We design our products to make the at-home manicure process easy and fun, plus all of our powders are vegan-friendly and cruelty-free. Check out our dip powder features in Elle, Glamour, and Cosmopolitan!

Get the Look

If you love the nude nail designs we showed you above, grab a few powder colors below to create them. Nailboo nude dip powder shades include: 

  1. Pale Nude: Nude Attitude
  2. Dark Nude: Latte Lady 
  3. Baby Blue: Baby Blues
  4. Light Blue: Blues Clues
  5. Almond Nude: Nailboo Almond Allure
  6. White: Wedding Cake
  7. Nude: Tuscan Tea
  8. Nude Glitter: Glam Queen
  9. Chestnut: Chestnut Chills
  10. Fig: No Fig Deal
  11. Nude Pink: Velvet Lust
  12. Nude Sparkle: Day Dreamer
  13. Nude Mauve: Big Blush

Summing It Up

The options for nude nail designs are endless, and Nailboo is here to help you create them all. Whether you prefer minimalistic designs or all-out glam, Nailboo has a dip powder color for you. 

Skip the regular polish manicures that chip, and stick with Nailboo dip powder. You’ll be glad you did! Refer your friends for $10 off your purchase when they buy from your invite link.



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