Pink and Yellow Nail Designs To Make Your Nails Look Like Pink Lemonade

Pink and Yellow Nail Designs To Make Your Nails Look Like Pink Lemonade

There are a few classic color combinations that just can’t be missed, and when it comes to summer nails, pink and yellow reign supreme. Not only are they bright and versatile and perfect for those sunny days, but they remind us of some of our favorite flavors and summer sweet treats, like pink lemonade, of course. 

Here at Nailboo, we love a creative manicure with a personal twist. That’s why we’re sharing some of our favorite pink and yellow nail designs and ideas, so you can create something all your own for the next big adventure or night out on the town. 

It’s also why we make it easy to try out our dip polish kits, so you can get salon-quality manicures without the salon-quality prices. Here are a few of our favorite pink and yellow nail designs and styles. 

Pink and Yellow Nail Designs

There are many reasons to consider mixing and matching pink and yellow for your next manicure. To start, the color combination is very versatile, which means it’s easy to scale them up for professional events or date nights or go bright and bold for the next pool party. Which of these gorgeous pink and yellow nail styles will you try out first?  

Pink Lemonade 

Of course, we have to start with the inspiration for the pink and yellow color combination, pink lemonade. Pick between your pink and yellow base color and then freestyle, decal, or stamp on your lemons in the alternate color. 

You can choose to do individual lemons on a few fingers, or create a larger lemon across the entire set. Either way, your summer manicure is sure to be something sweet. 

Alternating Colors

One of the first nail polish designs that most of us learned when we started painting our nails is the alternating color pattern. Not only is it a very easy option for anyone who is just starting out with their at-home manicure, but you have several choices when it comes to your alternating patterns. 

You can alternate one pink and one yellow shade, or mix and match different shades of each for a fun and festive manicure that can’t be missed. 

Accent Nail 

If you’re looking for a style that’s a little more subtle, then the accent nail might be the right fit for you. An all-pink set with one or two accent nails or vice versa can be dramatic and elegant but still offer up some summer fun and styles. 

You can also use decals in your alternate shade—or even stamp on a lemon for your accent nail. You have lots of possibilities to make a bold and totally original accent nail in your favorite shades of yellow and pink.  


Squiggle and wave nails are trending right now and it’s not hard to see why. They combine the best of groovy 1970s aesthetics with a modern abstract theme that elevates and excites with every manicure. They also look great in really bold and exciting colors, which is why the wave can be such a great match for yellow and pink combinations. 

Use your wave design as an accent nail, pair it with white to really stand out, or apply pink and yellow waves across your entire set. They also make for gorgeous tips, so no matter how you try out your next wave design, it’s guaranteed to inspire. 


No shade on subtle or minimalist designs, but some days you need to make a bold statement. That’s where a yellow and pink neon manicure comes in and it’s perfect for every summer party at the amusement part or down by the pool. 

There are so many great ways to incorporate neon in a manicure, from alternating patterns to a splatter design on bright white. Consider adding in some glow-in-the-dark polish for the nights when things get a little wild. 

Sunset Ombre 

If you’re more interested in sipping cocktails on the beach, there’s a gorgeous pink and yellow manicure design for you. Ombre is a subtle and easy-to-achieve look that you can try out at home with a simple makeup sponge and your favorite shades of nail polish, and there’s nothing more beautiful than the ombre of a summer sunset. 

Pick complementary shades of yellow and pink and add in your favorite oranges and purples for a true sunset ombre design. If you love ombre, but you want to go for something a little simpler, consider an ombre design across your entire nail set that starts with yellow and ends in your favorite shade of pink. 


Florals are one of our favorite nail designs here at Nailboo because they’re so versatile and can be matched with any occasion or skill level. If you love a summery pink and yellow style, but the full lemon look isn’t quite right for you, consider swapping out your decals for some other garden favorite. 

Create gorgeous flowers featuring your favorite shades of yellow and pink against neutral backgrounds, use line art in darker shades, or apply yellow flowers to a pink base. No matter how you approach a pink and yellow floral design, the garden is sure to glow. 

Speckled Nails

Speckled nails are chic and stunning and one of the most innovative ways to achieve a pink and yellow nail design that really says pink lemonade. Find a speckled paint with pink and yellow glitter dots and enjoy all that iridescence has to offer. 

It’s a super easy at-home manicure design and can transition between office and date night with ease, but you’re sure to be the talk of the party. 


Pink and yellow are both bright and bold, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be their best in subtler shades, as well. The pastel variation of this color combination is ideal for anyone ready to embrace the cottage core style, and the lightest variations of pink and yellow can even be used as neutrals if you want. Pastels are also a good option for early spring seasonal nails and can help to make this fun color combination stay in style for longer. 

Polka Dots 

There’s something so much fun about a pink and yellow manicure design, and what’s more fun than polka dots? If you want a little whimsey to go with your next manicure, then a pink and yellow polka dot design is really the way to go. 

Alternate bases and polka dot colors, try out different sized dots, or use your polka-dotted nail as an accent to find the look you really love. 


We love a unique tip design, and the bright and bold color combination of pink and yellow is the perfect place to start. If you’re looking for a colorful set, paint your base in pink or yellow, and then use the alternate shade for your nail tips. 

Or, you could alternate between the colors as a base. For a springy and fun look that offers a little minimalism, use a neutral base like a bright white and alternate between yellow and pink tips across. 


Whether you love a fun and quirky look that’s perfect for the classroom or you’re looking to pair your favorite shades in a subtler way, there’s a unique and stylish new yellow and pink manicure design for you. 

You can take advantage of accent nails, paint across the tip, or try out a speckled new paint, or you can enjoy all the best of patterns and designs like waves and polka dots. This color combination is sure to delight in pastels, neons, or ombre, and the only limit is your imagination. 

Nailboo is dedicated to helping you find that perfect look every time. We’re all about the nail dip process, but however you style your nails, we have tutorials and manicure guides that you’re sure to love—including manicures in many shades of yellow and pink. 

What can we say—we love pink lemonade on a hot summer day. This great nail color combination is just one of the fun options you’ll find in our catalog here at Nailboo, so start exploring to find your favorite look for the season. 



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