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Top 10 Nails Style Trends 2021

2020 is finally over! This means that we are all easing back into our social lives and are ready to get back to going out with friends. As we all transition from our makeup-free sweatpant lifestyle back into fashionistas, a major manicure makeover is in store. Today we will unpack some of the hottest nail trends of 2021 that will have you getting back out there in style. 

History Of Nail Art

Whether you are sporting an intricate design or a trendy mix of different solid shades, it's all nail art. Funky nails are a great way to express yourself with bold color combinations, personalized lettering, and so much more. With nail art, the sky's the limit!

Believe it or not, nail art has been around a lot longer than you might think. Nail art as we know it today can be traced all the way back to 15th century Incas, who used to decorate their nails with elaborate paintings of eagles. Today, the nail art possibilities are endless. With just a little bit of creativity and a steady hand, you can create a fabulous design that will have all your friends wondering where you got such a gorgeous set of nails. 

Top 10 Nail Styles

These are the top 10 nail style trends of 2021. The only thing you have to decide is which one of these stunning trends to try first. 

1) At-Home Manicures

In 2020, the pandemic caused most nail salons to temporarily close their doors, leaving us to do our own nails. Whether you adapted and became an at-home nail pro or simply took some time off from the nail game, one thing is for sure; there is no easier way to get salon-quality results at home than with a handy Nailboo Dip Kit

Dip manicures are incredibly durable, lasting up to six weeks. They are also super easy to apply with flawless results time and time again. This type of manicure has become a favorite for all trendsetters, and it's not going anywhere in 2021. With all the time and money that you can save with at-home manicures, it’s no wonder that this hot trend is here to stay. 

Simply apply a base coat, dip your nail into the color powder, use the magic liquid activator, and apply the top coat for a manicure that dries instantly and lasts without chipping or smudging. With 58 vibrant colors to choose from and endless design possibilities, we can’t get enough of dip powder manicures. 

2) Length And Shapes

Long fake nails are still all the rage. Whether you prefer acrylics or nail tips with a durable dip powder coating, length is here to stay in 2021. However, this year we're not just obsessed with stiletto and almond tips. We are also in love with coffin-shaped nails. This elegant shape is long like a stiletto tip but has a squared-off edge—can you say fashion?

3) Multicolor

If you like to make a bold statement with your nails, you should try the multicolor trend. This trend is easy to apply since there are no tricky designs. Simply paint each nail a different color. Try picking a palette of complementary colors, colors that contrast each other, or various shades of one color. 

This trend is great for people who love experimenting with colors. You can give your nails an ombre vibe by starting with a light color on your pinky then painting each nail a shade that is slightly darker than the last. 

If colors aren’t your thing, try using all of your favorite nude shades to create a similar effect without bright colors. In the end, this trend is ideal for people who like to experiment with their manicures. Try out different color combos and let your creativity shine!

4) French With A Twist

This trend is an update to the classic French tip manicure. Instead of applying a white tip to your nails, why not try something with a bit more personality? Switch out your white tips for the color, or colors, of your choice. This trend takes the tired French tip into the modern-day. 

Try pairing this trend with the multi-color trend, and you are in for some super stylish nails. This nail style is creative yet neutral enough to go with lots of different outfits. Because most of your nail is still painted with a nude or transparent color, the tip will stand out as a stylish touch. 

5) Negative Space

Not all nail designs have to be painted over color like the flowers you used to get on your pedicures in the 90s. Using negative space is totally on-trend right now. If you have super healthy-looking natural nails, then this is a great trend for you. Utilize the negative space on your nail for a chic manicure. 

Simply apply a clear base coat, then apply a colorful design leaving small bits of your natural nail showing. Top this off with a clear top coat, and you will have a set of nails that are vogue-worthy. This trend is easy to apply and has a very fashionable end result. 

6) Mask Matching

While we may be easing back into our social lives after receiving our vaccines, mask-wearing will likely still be a thing for a while. That’s why we’re crazy about this adorable trend. Simply pick the mask you wear most often and paint your nails to match. Painting our nails to match our accessories isn’t exactly a new idea, but our mask is our newest accessory. 

You can match your manicure to a solid color mask or a patterned mask. Either way, this matching set is sure to turn heads. Since masks are here to stay for a while, why not incorporate them into our style?

7) Baby Blues

Ah, a serene pastel blue. This magical color evokes images of calm beaches and relaxation. It’s also a hot color trend of the year. This color can be dressed up or down as needed and looks great on all lengths of nails. No matter how hot this summer gets, this color is the perfect cool-down. 

We love all different shades of baby blues. You can keep it classic with a stylish coat of Baby Blues, add a pinch of spearmint with Mint Kiss, or go super light with an angelic coat of Blues Clues. If you are feeling bold, you can also use multiple shades of blue to create a trendy multicolor look. Stay calm, cool, and collected with a pastel blue in 2021. 

8) Marbling

Want to wear a classy design that looks as expensive as marble countertops, then the marbling nail trend is for you. You can create this design easily with dip powders for an end result that looks amazing. Use a dark grey for a classic white marble look, or spice things up with a pastel pink or green. 

With dip powder, this design is easy to apply at home, no matter your level of manicure experience. The results look like an expensive salon manicure. Your friends won't believe you did your manicure yourself—it looks that fantastic!

9) Natural Nails

With all the sweatpants and no-makeup days of 2020, natural is back in. Your body is beautiful with or without cosmetics—yes, even your nails! To rock this simple chic look, you will need to take good care of your nails. Groom your cuticles, neatly file your nails, and buff out any ridges. 

To take this natural look to the next level, apply a sturdy, shiny top coat to protect your nails and give them a bit of a glow. To dress this look up, apply a coat of glitter with a transparent base. This will still show your natural nails underneath but with a little something special, sort of like the negative space trend. Be bold by going natural!

10) Personalizing

There’s no better way to proudly embrace your unique personal style than with some personalized nails. This style is ideal for long nails that have some space for lettering or elaborate designs. Paint your nails in a bold color and then personalize them with whatever word, image, or design you want. 

Paint each nail with a different design or use your nails to spell out words. What you put on your nails is totally up to you—let your personality shine and be creative! In 2021, you simply cannot be too extra.



Wrap Up

2021 is the year of rocking whatever style you want with bold, unapologetic confidence. Choose your favorite nail art trend or create a new one; it’s up to you. No matter what your style is, let Nailboo be your go-to spot for all of your creative nail art needs. With Nailboo, you can wave goodbye to the time and expense of a trip to the salon and say hello to gorgeous, long-lasting nails for a fraction of the price. Express yourself for 2021!



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