7 Types of Nails: Which One Is Best for You?

7 Types of Nails: Which One Is Best for You?

Nail art has a long and exciting history that dates back millennia and has long been used as a method of creativity and self-expression. There are many unique and interesting ways to achieve the styles you love, like fun palettes and color options, patterns, decals, gems, and more. 

One great way to really make your next manicure your own is to pick a shape you love. There is a wide range of nail shapes and lengths, and Nailboo is here to help you find the style that you can really make your own. 

When you’re ready to find the best nail care tools and resources for your next manicure, and the guide to getting the best looks, turn to the team here at Nailboo. 

Best Nail Types for Your Needs 

You have many different nail shapes and styles to pick from, and it can feel overwhelming to get started. The good news is that there are benefits and uses to different types of nail shapes and styles. Here are a few of the best nails shapes to fit your lifestyle and fashion needs. 

1. Round Nails 

Round nails are the best option if you’re always on the go. They’re one of the most common short nail styles, but they’re a great pick for busy folks who use their hands in the kitchen, the garden, or the playroom. Thanks to their short style, you won’t have to worry too much about them chipping or breaking, but you don’t have to sacrifice the looks you love. 

You can style your round nails in a wide range of beautiful colors, with accent nails, or with adornments at the tip or the base. Round nails also look great with a simple layer of clear polish. 

2. Square Nails 

Square nails are another adorable choice if you love keeping it short and simple but still want to deliver on stunning styles. As the name indicates, square nails have sharper corners than round nails, which makes them a great option for styles with a tip, like the French manicure. They’re still a low-maintenance style option, but you can deliver on bright and bold looks with a wide range of palette and design options to pick from. 

3. Oval Nails 

Oval nails are a good option if you want to elongate the appearance of the nail and achieve classy, chic designs without a lot of upkeep. They’re only slightly more involved than round or square nails, but the extra length allows you to come up with some unique and interesting style ideas, and they look lovely in everything from neutrals to neons. The oval nail shape is a really great option for fingers that might be a little shorter since it can add natural length and grace. 

4. Squoval Nails 

When you want length and chicness but love going against the grain, then check out the squoval nail design. It’s a relatively new shape that blends oval and square nails for a little added grace and more design options. 

You’ll have a wider canvas of nail to work with when it comes to styles and designs, which is why the squoval nail can look so great with geometric shapes and patterns, as well as tips. 

Squoval nails are versatile and look great on a wide variety of fingers, so if you’re looking for a good nail shape to try out, squoval will always deliver. 

5. Almond Nails 

The almond nail shape is a good halfway point design between low-maintenance and high-maintenance nails. It’s incredibly chic and stylish and looks elegant whether you’re rocking shades of beige for work or going all out with pastels, neon colors, or metallic hues. 

As the name indicates, almond nails have a pointed tip, similar to the shape of an almond, and they can help to give your nails a smooth and elegant appearance, which can elongate the look of shorter fingers. 

6. Ballerina Nails 

Ballerina nails are shaped like the point of a ballerina’s toe. They are often referred to as coffin nails, as well, since they have a flat top and pointed sides, similar to the shape of a coffin. 

These nails are actually very similar to squoval nails, but they’re much longer. That means a little more upkeep and care is required to manage them, but it also means you have lots of great design and style options to pick from. 

If you don’t have to worry about damaging your nails or keeping them from getting chipped, ballerina nails are a truly unique and elevated style, and it’s not hard to see why they’ve become so popular. You can stick with solids, try out ombres, add glitter, or decorate your tips. 

Because ballerina nails are longer and larger than some of the other nail shape options, you’ll find that the possibilities for designs and styles are limitless. No matter what, you’re sure to get a ballerina nail look you really love. 

7. Stiletto Nails 

The stiletto nail shape definitely isn’t easy to care for, but those who put in the work to get this unique and statement-making style are sure to say it’s worth it. Like the heel of a stiletto shoe, stiletto nails come to a sharp, pointed edge, which gives them a chic and intense look. 

It’s easy to adorn and style your stiletto nails, as the shape already makes a statement. If you like decals, gems, or stamps, stiletto nails provide ample canvas to apply your favorite pieces, so you can really show off your best styles. 

It’s important to note that stiletto nails can take a lot of time and care, especially if you want to keep them looking as chic and sharp as the day you got your first manicure. If you’re okay with a high-maintenance nail care routine and you love making a statement with your manicure, then stiletto nails might just be the look for you.



In Conclusion

Our nails can be a great accessory and really add something special to your favorite outfit or next big event. That said, the more you know about styling nails, and the best options for nail shapes and designs, the easier it will be to get the perfect look for your fashion needs every time. 

You have lots of great nail shape options to pick from, and each has its place, depending on your lifestyle and how much maintenance you want to keep up with. Shorter nails, like square, round, and oval nails, are incredibly easy to care for, squoval and almond nails will fall in the middle, and ballerina and stiletto nails require a lot of attention, but always deliver on a great look. 

No matter what your favorite nail shapes might be, Nailboo is here to help. We make it easy to find the best tools and resources for at-home manicures and nail care, and we’re sharing our guides for finding the looks and styles you’re sure to love. 

Explore our growing catalog of manicure tools and kits and then check out our library to find the best nail shape and designs for your busy day. Don’t forget to share your top picks. 

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