Dip Liquids 101


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Dip Powder Liquids

Nailboo dip powder liquids are essential to create a quality manicure that is long-lasting and professional-looking. There are four essential liquids, and each one serves a different purpose. Here’s everything you need to know about Nailboo dip powder liquids.

Nailboo Essential Liquids 101

There are four Nailboo essential liquids needed to create a high-quality manicure. Each liquid serves a vital role in the three-step manicure process, and each liquid is included in our Dip Kit. Learn the difference between each so that you use them safely and correctly.

Base Coat Liquid

The base coat serves as the “glue” that holds the dip powder onto the nails.


This magical liquid transforms the powder into a hardened, painted look and ensures that the top coat dries appropriately.

Top Coat

The top coat adds a glossy sheen to the manicure and a UV filter to protect color fading.


The cleanser liquid extends the life of the bristles on your brushes by removing the hardened product from them.

Dipping Tips

There are a few things to remember when applying your dip powder mani with the essential liquids.

  • When removing the brush from the bottle, wipe excess liquid from the brush onto the sides of the bottle. This removal will prevent you from using too much product.
  • Don’t leave the brushes out of the bottle longer than necessary. Work efficiently and replace the brushes in their bottles after each use.
  • Allow the base liquid to absorb the build powder fully. Doing this ensures that build powder does not become trapped on the brush when you apply your second base coat application.
  • After each nail dip into the powder, make sure to tap your finger on the side of the powder jar to remove any excess powder. Next, brush the nail with your Nailboo nail brush to remove all last remnants of loose powder.
  • After applying the essential liquid, immediately dip the nail into the powder. Dipping your nails immediately into the powder prevents the liquid from drying before the powder has time to set.
  • Tap your fingernails to remove any excess powder after dipping- doing this prevents the migration of powder into the liquid bottle when you apply any essential liquid.

How To Apply the Dip Powder Liquids

You must apply the dip powder liquids in a particular order to ensure that the dip powder sets correctly on your nails. The dip powder manicure process must be followed in a certain order.

Base Coat 

Apply base coat liquid before the build powder. Base coat liquid ensures a stronghold of build powder and adds strength to the nails.


Remove all loose powder from your nails with the Nailboo nail brush before using the activator liquid. Test to ensure the dip is completely dry on the nails, then use your four-way nail file to file and buff. Remove the filed dust with your nail brush. 

Activator accelerates drying time, and without it, the top coat will not dry properly. The activator should not be wet when applying the top coat, so make sure it’s dry before beginning step three of the top coat application.

Top Coat:

Apply the first layer of the top coat in three quick strokes, once in the middle of your nail and once on each side. Apply the second layer of the top coat more precisely for the finishing touch. Finally, wipe the brush on a paper towel before replacing it into the bottle. 


Use the cleanser to dissolve any unwanted residue that hardens on the bristles. Clean the neck of the bottles with alcohol or acetone after use. Apply cuticle oil to the bottle threads to make them easier to open next time.


Nailboo dip powder manicures provide you with an affordable at-home alternative to expensive nail salon options. Save money and time by designing your manicure at home. With proper care, the long-lasting, professional-looking dip powder manicure lasts three weeks or more. Choose Nailboo for your next dip powder mani.

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