How to Avoid Dip Flu

Here at Nailboo, we want our process to be as safe and as exciting as possible. Our at-home dip powder kits are made simple for anyone to experience a professional-looking manicure in the comfort of their home. With the power in your hands to have a flawless manicure in minutes, with no mess, we want to make sure you also follow these simple steps to avoid ‘dip flu.’  It’s not common for many people, and it’s also nothing to be afraid of, but we want to share these few steps with you so that you can avoid any problems during...

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Matte Nails Application

Matte nails are a unique and chic design that can be styled up or down depending on what your next event or preferred style might be. It’s easy to get a gorgeous matte-style manicure right at home with nail dip powder, and Nailboo can help.  We believe that salon-quality nails should be available to everyone, which is why we carry easy-to-use nail dip powder kits and why we’re sharing some of our favorite manicure styles. Here’s how you can get that great matte look!  Matte Nails at Home  Nailboo has what you need to get started on your next matte...

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Cloud Nails Application

Cloud nails are a unique and creative design that can be perfect for sunny spring days or outdoor events. You can achieve this fun manicure look right at home with the nail dip powder supplies available here at Nailboo, and getting started is easy.  How To Get Cloud Nails at Home If you want to get this gorgeous seasonal style at home, you’ll need your regular nail dip powder kit and manicure essentials. Here’s what you need to know to get started. Tools and Materials You only need a few important tools and materials for a cloud nail look, including...

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How to Use Cleaner

Keeping your tools clean and well-maintained is one of the best ways to ensure that they continue to provide long-lasting, high-quality manicures for a long time to come. There are many different types of manicures and styles. If you’re using dip powder or one of the nail dip powder kits available here at Nailboo, then protecting and washing your brushes is a smooth and easy process.  We’re here to support you on every stage of the home manicure process, from the very first layer to powder removal, to proper brush care and maintenance. When you’re ready to pick a reliable...

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Dip Removal Method

  One of the reasons that Nailboo dip powder is so popular? It’s simple and safe to remove.  No more scraping old nail polish off your nails or worrying about ruining your nails or cuticles.  With Nailboo, the dip removal method we most recommend is simple for everyone to do. This is the quick removal process that we’ve all tested at Nailboo so that you can try it safely in the comfort of your home! Step 1: File You want to begin by filing your nails down with the rough edge of the filer so that you can really loosen...

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Marble Nails Application

A marble manicure is a chic and stylish way to express your creativity to the world. You can customize and style it in all of your favorite colors to match your next big event. There are a few different ways to get a marble look, like water marbling, but if you want to use the dip powder method, then Nailboo is here to help.  How To Marble Your Manicure With Dip Powder Getting a gorgeous marble look for your next manicure is easy. You just need a few essentials. Grab these tools and follow these simple steps.  Tools and Materials ...

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