Matte Nails Application

Matte nails are a unique and chic design that can be styled up or down depending on what your next event or preferred style might be. It’s easy to get a gorgeous matte-style manicure right at home with nail dip powder, and Nailboo can help. 

We believe that salon-quality nails should be available to everyone, which is why we carry easy-to-use nail dip powder kits and why we’re sharing some of our favorite manicure styles. Here’s how you can get that great matte look! 

Matte Nails at Home 

Nailboo has what you need to get started on your next matte manicure. Grab your materials and follow these simple steps. 

Tools and Materials 

A good manicure kit is essential to both your nail health and your final manicure look. Here at the tools you’ll need for your next matte nail look:

  • Base Coat
  • Top Coat 
  • Activator Coat 
  • Build Powder 
  • Color Powder 
  • Brush 
  • Four-way nail file 


Step One: Apply your base coat to most of the nail, leaving about the top quarter of the nail dry. 

Step Two: Dip into the build powder and brush off any excess. Apply to each nail one at a time. 

Step Three: Apply the base coat to the full nail. Dip into your preferred color powder and remove excess with a brush. Repeat the process for a brighter, bolder color and fuller coverage. 

Step Four: Apply a layer of activator liquid and let dry completely. 

Step Five: Use your four-way nail file to buff and smooth out the surface of the polish. Then add a second layer of activator liquid and let dry. 

Step Six: Apply two layers of top coat liquid, allowing the paint to dry between layers. 

Step Seven: Use your file to buff the shine and smoothness from the surface of the nails. 

Step Eight: Add one last layer of activator liquid and enjoy your final look. 


Matte nails are just one of the unique and beautiful styles that you can achieve when you explore the nail dip powder products available here at Nailboo. Dip powders can protect your nails, last for a long time, and save you money on professional manicures since you get that gorgeous look right at home. Explore our growing catalog of nail dip kits and try out your next matte manicure today.   



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