How To Apply Dip Powder

This lesson will lead you through the product application, sharing all the tips and tricks for a successful attempt!

Dip Powder

Apply Base Coat

Take the Base Coat liquid and apply a thin layer to about three-quarters of your prepared nail surface. Thin layers of base coat will avoid lumpy nails. Gently stroke it towards the tip of your nail, leaving a small margin on the sides.

Dip into Build Powder

Hold your nail at a 45-degree angle and immediately dip it into the powder. Tap off any excess powder. Remember, work on one finger at a time and ensure you dip it immediately after applying the Base Coat.

Brush Off Excess Powder

Allow the Base Coat to absorb the powder thoroughly. Once you've dipped one hand, it's time to brush off the excess powder. Use a fluffy brush and gently remove any loose powder left on the nails after dipping.

Dip Into Nailboo Color

Choose the color powder you desire and give it a good stir and shake. This helps ensure an even color application by making the powder less dense and ensuring pigment consistency.

Apply another thin layer of base coat and dip the nail immediately after applying the base coat layer. It's important not to apply dip powder too close to your skin. Overlapping the powder onto the skin can cause cracking over time. Use an orangewood stick to carefully run around the cuticle line, cleaning up any excess dip that might have gotten stuck there. This ensures a clean finish and a nice, neat line for your nails. This trick works best immediately after dipping when the base is still wet.

Apply Second Color Layer

Now, let's apply another layer of Base Coat, this time, a hairline away from the cuticle.

Get a tiny bit closer to the cuticle as you apply a second and third coat of color. This technique helps in building a natural shape without any excess bulk and will help avoid flooding the cuticle.

Once you've dipped your finger in the powder, check for any areas that still appear wet. If so, you can re-dip to ensure complete coverage. Always remember to brush off excess powder to avoid contaminating the liquids.

Apply Activator Coat

Apply Activator generously to all five nails. This step is crucial for setting and curing the powder, preventing chipping or lifting. Ensure all layers are thoroughly saturated.

File and Shape Nails

File and shape the nails, any mistakes can be corrected at this point to ensure your nails look flawless. Use all four sides of the file, starting from the darkest (coarse) to the lightest side, to achieve the desired shape. For a smoother, shinier finish, buff the nails further before applying the top coat.

Apply Second Layer of Activator

Apply Activator to all 10 nails with minimal strokes. This aids in drying the Top Coat. Don't wash hands at this stage; use a brush to sweep away any filing dust.

Apply Top Coat

Take the Top Coat and apply the first layer with precision, using three quick strokes and avoiding excess pressure. Allow it to dry for about 2 minutes.

Follow up with a second Top Coat layer, applying it more precisely and slightly over the edges for enhanced durability. Allow nails to air dry completely, avoiding fans or cold water.

Hydrate Hands and Cuticle

After the top coat is fully dried, wash hands, and apply skincare products to hydrate and nourish cuticles.