How To Create Aura Nails Using Gel Polish

In this lesson, we'll show you how to achieve the viral aura nails trend using our new Sally Exclusive Pool Party Collection

Gel Polish

Apply Base Coat & Cure

As always start by applying a thin layer of Nailboo’s Forever Glaze Base Coat to your prepared nail surface. Apply in a rubbing motion for best adhesion. Cure for 30 seconds in Pro Cure LED Lamp. Ensure that the nails are positioned in a way that allows the light to reach all sides. For better reflection, place the lamp on a white surface.

Apply Base Color Coat & Cure

Apply two to three coats of the background color, curing in between layers. Here, we are using Lemonade Gel Polish. The aura gradient will show up best on a bright background color as opposed to a dark one. Don't attempt full cover application on the first layer, as the Gel Polish may not fully cure. You need to apply several thin coats. If the coat is too thick, the underneath layer will remain uncured, as only the top layer absorbs the light.

Double-check that the gel polish is not touching your skin. If any mistakes happen, make sure to clean it with an alcohol wipe before placing your hand inside the lamp.

Create Aura Design

When you are happy with the opacity of the background color, apply a medium but even coat of gel base coat and leave it uncured. Yes! The base coat. Grab another color of the gel and using a brush from the bottle, place a small drop of gel in the middle of the nail. Wait 30-60 seconds for the color to bloom on the surface and create a seamless aura gradient.

Work one finger at a time. Once you've achieved the desired effect, cure under Nailboo's Pro Cure LED Lamp for 10 seconds to freeze the design in place.

Repeat Design On All Nails

Repeat on the other nails. If you don’t like the effect or you let the gel bloom too much, simply wipe away the uncured gel with an alcohol wipe and try again!

Cure for 60 seconds in the Pro-Cure LED Lamp. Position the nails so that the light hits all sides. Take your time; there is no rush with applying gels. Unlike regular polish, gel doesn't air-dry. It will not set unless placed under light.

Apply Top Coat & Cure

As the last step, apply an even layer of Nailboo’s No Wipe Top Coat. Cure for 60 seconds in the Pro Cure LED Lamp. Once cured, wait for Nailboo’s No Wipe Gel Top Coat to cool off.