Ways To Use Dip Tray

In this lesson, I'll show you all the ways you can use your dip tray to enhance your dip application process and create fun nail designs!

Dip Powder
Est. 5 mins

Guided Dipping

Instead of dipping your nail directly into the jar you can use the dip tray. Pour powder into the tray. Shake it to level out the powder. Apply a thin layer of base and slowly ease your nail into the powder. The dip tray helps guide your finger at an angle and ensures a smooth, clump-free nail surface.

Pour Over Method

The tray allows you to pour dip powder over your nail and it will catch the excess powder. Keep tapping the jar to sprinkle the powder evenly. Pour the leftover powder back into the jar or use the provided lid to store and keep any unused powder.

French Smile Line

Pour Here’s a Tip powder into the tray. Apply a layer of base and ease your nail into the powder. There is a shallow and deeper end for a more curved smile line. Tap the nail to remove excess and immediately pour Necessary Pink over the entire nail. Repeat the steps for more opacity.

Marble Design

Start with a white color base. Pour “Here’s a tip” powder into the tray. Scoop “Dark Dreams” powder and place it sporadically on the surface. Swirl the colors with a clean utensil to create a marble design. Apply the base and place the finger upside down into the powder.

Feel free to use other colors of choice!

Create A Custom Color

Scoop different powders into the tray and close the lid. Shake the tray for 30 - 60s to combine the powders. Check the achieved color and adjust the ratio if necessary


Store and keep any unused powder thanks to the included lid.

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