Pro Soak Acetone Remover


Tried and true way to remove dip nails. Just soak to remove. 100% Pure acetone.

Benefits: effective removing, faster removal, works for pretty much any nail formula (acrylic, dip, gel, polish). Removes dip nails, acrylic nails, nail glue, gel polish manicures.

16 FL OZ / 473 ML 

Easy removal

Remove your mani's with ease using our Pro Soak Acetone.

Fast soak off

Use our Pro Soak tray to soak your nails off faster than ever!

Clip & forget

Use our nail clips with cotton pads & Pro Soak acetone to remove.

Don't forget about your hands!

Removing your mani's can be tough on your hands & cuticles. Make sure you're prepared!

Dream Hands

Dream Hands is Ultimate Hand & Cuticle Hydration - You can revitalize & rejuvenate hands, cuticles & nails in minutes.

Cuticle Milk

Give your cuticles and nails some extra love with this ultra nourishing formula made with shea butter and chamomile extract.

How you can remove

Remove your mani's with ease

Pro Soak Bown Removal

Watch how to quickly & easily remove Dip Powder using our Pro Soak bowl & Acetone.

Nail Clip Removal

Watch how to remove Dip Powder using our Nail Clips & Acetone.