Spa Collection

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All products were formulated to enhance the look, feel, and health of your hands and feet. The spa collection is about revitalizing and rejuvenating the most used parts of our bodies, our hands and feet.



Dream Hands

Moisturize & soften even the roughest hands & cuticles in just 15 minutes with this innovative hand mask.


Goat milk extract, avocado oil & vitamin e

Dream Feet

An intensive exfoliating foot mask for dry, calloused feet. Renew, rejuvenate & soften dry, rough feet with this exfoliating foot mask.


Hyaluronic acid & AHA’s

Cuticle Milk

A luxurious hydrating nourishment for cuticles to use day or night. This milk-like formula leaves no oily residues & absorbs into the natural nails & cuticles quickly.


Shea butter & chamomile extract


How many masks are included?

The Dream Hands & Dream Feet masks come with one each. You can purchase more individual masks separately.

Can I use my phone with Dream Hands?

Yes! Our hand masks are touch screen friendly.

How do I use the Spa Collection?

Dream Hands:

1) Wash hands with soap & water, let dry. 2) Place hands into gloves & secure with strips. 3) Massage serum into hands & nails. Soak for 20 minutes. 4) Discard gloves. Pat remaining serum into hands until absorbed.

Dream Feet:

1) Thoroughly cleanse feet with warm water and dry. 2) Cut mask open along the line & place feet inside each sock. Secure with ankle straps. 3) Wear for 60-90 minutes. 4) Thoroughly wash feet and discard the mask. Dead skin will peel away in the following days & weeks.

Cuticle Milk:

1) Brush Cuticle Milk on to cuticles & natural nails. 2) Massage into skin around the nail allowing the serum to absorb for 15 - 30 seconds. 3) Re-apply every morning & night as needed. Be sure to wash off prior to applying Nailboo Dip Powder and / or Polish.