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Must Have Tools in Your Manicure Set

A salon-quality manicure shouldn’t be out of reach. That’s why our team here at Nailboo is dedicated to providing you with the tools you need to give yourself a gorgeous look right from the comfort of your home. 

Not only do we carry easy-to-use dip kits with all of your favorite colors, but we’re also sharing our expertise and resources for at-home-nail care. Find the best tools and information for getting strong, healthy nails with our guide to comprehensive manicure kits right here at Nailboo.  

Why Is Nail Care Important?

Regular nail care is important for many reasons. To start, it’s the best way to keep your nails healthy and strong. When you follow a manicure routine, you’ll reduce the likelihood of breaking and damage, encourage nail growth, and keep your nails from becoming brittle or chipped. 

You’ll also reduce your risk of developing infections around the nails. We use our hands for so many tasks every day and it’s common to experience micro-abrasions and irritations without even realizing it. When we take care of our nails, we keep the beds and cuticles clean and help to prevent problems before they occur. 

It’s also important to consider the artistic and creative benefits of manicures. You can go for a natural look that focuses on nail health and wellness, but manicures are also an excellent canvas for self-expression and art. The colors and shape you pick, as well as any designs or decals you decide to add, are all ways of sharing yourself with the world and showcasing the looks you love. 

Must-Have Tools for Your Manicure Kit

We know how important routine manicures can be, but achieving them at home can feel a little intimidating if you don’t know where to start. Nailboo can help. Whether you’re creating your manicure kit for the very first time or you’ve been practicing with nail art for years, we want to make it as smooth and easy as possible to find the resources you need to keep your hands and nails safe and to get the styles you can’t wait to showcase. Here are some of the essential tools every manicure kit should have. 

Nail Polish Remover 

It’s very important to remove your nail polish properly. Scraping or chipping away at the layer of polish can be very damaging to the nail below and cause it to become brittle or cracked over time. When you chip at your polish, you can also scrape the surface of the nail, which makes it hard to get an even coat for the next manicure, so it’s important to keep high-quality nail polish remover in your kit. 


Not all nail styles can be removed with nail polish alone. If you have acrylic nails, it’s very important to remove them properly. It’s recommended that you have a certified technician remove your acrylic nails, but you can take them off at home in a pinch with acetone. You’ll soak your nails for thirty to forty minutes, which loosens the adhesive and makes it easier to remove the acrylics without causing any lasting damage to the nail below. 

Nail Trimmer

When our nails get too long, they can become thinner and snag or crack over time. One of the best ways to promote healthy nail growth is to trim them regularly. Long nails are also more prone to hangnails and ingrown nails. High-quality nail trimmers can go a long way with preventing problems and keeping your nails strong. 

Nail File

Anyone who has ever scraped or snagged their nails knows the importance of a nail file. In fact, most of us have more than one on hand, because they’re so useful for managing uneven edges. Nail files are also an excellent tool for shaping your nails and keeping them uniform, which is why they’re a manicure kit essential. 

Cuticle Pusher

Taking care of your cuticles is just as important as taking care of your nails. Remember, you never want to cut your cuticles, as this can lead to infections. Pushing your cuticles back—only using the tools designed for the job—can help your nails to grow strong. If you’re looking to give your nails a more elongated look, this is helpful as well. 

Cuticle Oil and Cream

Cuticle oil isn’t just a great product for giving your nails a shiny, glowing look. It actually helps to promote healthy growth by increasing blood flow around the nail bed. Cuticle oil serves as a protectant against the bacteria that commonly cause infections. 

Cuticle cream is an essential product for anyone who experiences dry or rough cuticles. Dry skin, particularly skin in sensitive places like around the nails, is prone to cracking, which can lead to infection. Cuticle cream can give you relief from dry skin and help to protect you from any health complications. 

Hand Moisturizer 

One of the best parts about getting a manicure is the feeling of having your hands massaged and hydrated. A proper manicure goes well beyond the nails to your overall hand health. Keeping your skin healthy and well-moisturized is key. There are many hand creams designed specifically for manicure use, so find the one that you like best and add it to the kit. 

Cotton Swabs and Balls

We all make mistakes when applying our nail polish. Cotton balls can be a really useful tool for removing nail polish and acrylic nails or even getting unique nail polish textures. Cotton swabs are helpful for those little details and keeping your nails looking clean. 

Liquid Latex 

Get a clean, mess-free look every time when you add liquid latex to your manicure kit. Simply paint it around your nail to prevent the nail polish from getting on the skin and peel when done. It’s especially helpful for messy nail looks such as marbling. 

Nail Art Tools 

The type of tools you’ll need will depend on what kind of nail art you do. A dotting tip is used for smaller designs, a thin brush for geometric looks, and nail tape for getting straight clean lines. You may also want to have a pair of tweezers close at hand for applying any decals, jewels, or gems with ease. 

Base Coat

A nail base coat has a few essential roles. To start, it helps the nail polish to properly stick to your nail, which means the polish will go on smoother and last longer. It’s also important for protecting your nail from any staining caused by the polish. A base coat can save you a lot of time and money and keep your manicure looking fresh. 

Top Coat 

When it comes to protecting your manicure, there’s nothing more important than a high-quality topcoat. Not only does it give you that lovely, uniform shine that really makes a manicure look professional, but it will help to prevent chipping and damage. Enjoy fewer touch-ups and a longer-lasting manicure when you use a good topcoat. 

Your Colors

Of course, you can absolutely give yourself a natural manicure dedicated to nail health and care, but there’s a lot of fun to be had in deciding on new nail colors and patterns. A comprehensive manicure kit will include all of your favorite shades and colors of polish, so you can get the looks you love for every season, style, and event. 



Proper nail care is essential to keeping your nails healthy and strong for years to come. There are many great ways to approach your at-home manicure, and having a complete manicure tool kit can go a long way in making the process easy and safe. 

You’ll want to have the right gear for the job, which includes proper removal products, all the tools for your favorite style of nail art, cuticle care and creams for your skin, and the top and base coats that will keep your manicure fresh. And, of course, the kit isn’t complete without all of your favorite colors!
For more information on comprehensive nail care and to get the looks you love, check out the growing inventory and catalog of guides here at Nailboo and try out our nail dip polish kits today!



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