6 Beautiful Pink Nail Designs in Style Right Now

6 Beautiful Pink Nail Designs in Style Right Now

If you can dream it, you can make it. Nail designs are a fun and creative outlet for self-expression. Your nails tell a story. We will guide you through six pink nail designs you can use for inspiration for your next Nailboo dip powder manicure.

Pink: Why All the Fuss?

Pink is a color that reminds us of femininity, love, and pretty little things. And the color is fabulous when worn on a manicure. Pink calms your mood, leaving you relaxed and comforted. We use this color for inspiration in the following dip powder nail designs. We hope you’ll be inspired too! 

Why Is Dip Powder Better Than Gel?

Your friends may tell you that gel is the way to go, but dip powder manicures are the better option for many reasons. Anyone can wear a dip powder manicure! In case you didn’t know:

  • Dip powder is easily applied and removed at home.
  • Dip powder comes in many highly pigmented colors.
  • Dip powder lasts up to three weeks longer than gel.
  • Dip powder is less expensive than acrylic and other salon manicures.

Why Is Nail Prep Important?

Nail prep takes a few extra minutes, but the payout is worth it. Nail prep involves some simple steps to ensure a long-wearing mani. These measures include:

  • Sanitize the hands and nails.
  • Push back the cuticles.
  • Remove any dead tissue from the cuticle area.
  • File, buff, and shape the nails.
  • Wipe the nails with alcohol to remove oil and dirt.

1. Winter Pink Ombre

The winter pink ombre mani is minimalistic with a bit of sparkle. It’s perfect for any event and any time of day. The sparkle adds just enough glam without appearing too lavish. Grab your Nailboo dip kit, and let’s get started. You’ll love this design!

Begin with nail prep, followed by a thin, even coat of Nailboo base coat and a dip into the builder powder. Brush the powder from the nails and apply another layer of base coat. Dip the nails into Nailboo Sunday Brunch a few times, using a base coat between each dip. Sprinkle Nailboo Stardust to the tips of the nails. Top off the manicure with the activator and top coat. 

This design is simple and pretty.

2. Sweet and Sour Nails

Bring the sugary sweetness of sweet and sour candy to your fingertips with the Sweet and Sour dip powder mani. A little sweet and a little tart, this mani offers a little bit of everything.

For this design, we use Nailboo Princess Pink and Pink Lemonade, creating a mix-match effect. 

Use Pink Lemonade on the pointer finger and ring fingers. Apply Princess Pink to the thumbs and middle fingers.

The mix-matched pink shades come together beautifully for a fully coordinated style.

3. Pink Glam Nails

Everyone needs a little glam in their lives. The Pink Glam mani adds just enough shimmer to make you feel like a million bucks. 

After nail prep, perform the dipping procedure using Nailboo Soda Glam as an all-over color. The glittery pink color catches the light at every angle, resembling the look of crushed pink diamonds.

Pro Tip: For added sparkle, use nail glue to adhere crystals to your nails. You can glue gems or crushed metallic pieces in a semi-circle around the cuticle area of your nails to replicate the icy cuticle trend as seen on Instagram.

4. Sugar and Spice Marbled Nails

Sugar and Spice and everything nice!. This design includes Nailboo dip powder in colors Velvet Lust and Latte Lady. Use the Velvet Lust pink as your all-over color and the Latte Lady powder to add marbling. 

Check out our Marble Nails tutorial to create the best marble effect for this design. The pink base and latte-colored powder swirls complement each other, adding a touch of sugar and spice feels you’ll adore.

5. Unicorn Rainbow Nails

In case you haven’t noticed, unicorn everything is popular RN. The swirls of purple, blue, green, pink, and white add magical vibes to pretty much anything. The Unicorn Rainbow nail design is no exception. 

Grab Nailboo powders in the colors Princess Pink, Mint Kiss, Lilac Attack, and Here’s a Tip. Use our Rainbow Nail tutorial to help you create this design. Sprinkling the different colors in sections onto your nails creates the unicorn rainbow effect. 

Imagine dividing each nail into four equal sections. You will sprinkle each section with a different colored powder. Apply a few layers of the powder onto each area to reach the maximum color opacity. 

These four shades work together magically to give you the right touch of unicorn color fantasy.

Pro Tip: Grab black striping polish and draw simple unicorn eyelashes and ears. To make the eyelashes, draw two small, slightly upward curved lines to make the eyes. Then draw three tiny, somewhat upward curved whispy lines extending from each of those two lines to make the lashes. Paint ears by drawing two triangles above the eyes. Use gold striping paint to design a unicorn horn.

6. Sunset Shades Nails

Every evening, the oranges, pinks, and amber colors paint a gorgeous picture on the sky’s canvas. A glowing sunset is one of the many beauties of nature, and this Sunset Pink manicure brings the warmth and serenity of nature’s artwork to your nails. 

Use Nailboo color powders in Sunset Fog, Big Blush, and Orange Sherbert. Use Big Blush for the all-over solid color. Next, create a double-French tip by sprinkling Sunset Fog at the very end of the nail and Orange Sherbet right above that. This warm color fade will give you a moody sunset nail vibe you’ll adore.

Snag the Look

Nailboo dip kits are created with you in mind. Our kits make it easy for you to have a salon-quality manicure without leaving your home. Nailboo products are cruelty-free and made in an FDA-approved facility

Create all of the pink nail designs listed above with the Nailboo grooming kit and the following Nailboo dip powder products:

  1. Mauve Pink: Nailboo Sunday Brunch
  2. Crystal Sparkle: Nailboo Stardust 
  3. Bubble Gum Pink: Nailboo Princess Pink
  4. Neon Pink: Pink Lemonade
  5. Pink Glitter: Nailboo Soda Glam
  6. Lilac Pink: Velvet Lust
  7. Brown: Latte Lady
  8. Mint Green: Mint Kiss
  9. Light Purple: Lilac Attack
  10. Pearly White: Here’s a Tip
  11. Orange-Red: Sunset Fog
  12. Blush Pink: Big Blush
  13. Orange: Orange Sherbert
  14. Essential Liquids
  15. Build Powder

Summing It Up

Pink manicures are designed in many ways using dip powder, crystals, and striping polish. It is possible to have on-trend nails at any time of the year with Nailboo dip powder kits. We design our kits to allow you to express your nail creativity freely in the comfort of your own home.

Nailboo helps make your manicure process easy! Our salon-grade nail products are available in kits you can use at home. Save time and money by designing your manicure without going to the nail salon. You no longer need to worry about using nail polish that takes forever to dry and just a few minutes to chip. Check out our Nailboo tutorials for how to apply, remove, and create your dream dip powder manicure at home, today. 



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