Dip Removal Method

Taking your nail dip off properly is an essential step to keeping your nails healthy and strong for years to come. There are a couple of different ways to remove your polish, depending on the tools and materials you have at home. Check out the Nailboo guide to proper dip polish removal to get started. 

How To Remove Your Dip Properly 

There are a few essential things you’ll want to remember when it’s time to remove your dip. Grab these tools and follow these steps to get started. 


The materials you’ll need to properly remove your nail dip include a nail file, rice and water warmed in the microwave, a clean sponge, lotion, and acetone. You will also need a paper towel and a Ziploc bag. 


Step One: Buff the top layer of polish off of your nails. The more polish you remove at this stage, the easier it will be to take off the rest. 

Step Two: Begin by heating the rice and water in a microwave-safe bowl. Test carefully to make sure the rice isn’t too warm. 

Step Three: Cut the clean sponge into thirds. Place the paper and sponge into the Ziploc bag and set the bag into the warm rice. 

Step Four: Pour acetone over the sponge in the bag, taking care to soak it completely. 

Step Five: Apply lotion to the cuticles surrounding your nails to protect the skin. Vaseline can also be used. 

Step Six: Press and rub the nails against the sponge inside the bag, checking on your progress at intervals. In about five to 10 minutes, the paint should be removed completely. 

Step Seven: Buff any remaining polish off of the nails and carefully remove debris and paint from the cuticles and nail bed area. 

Step Eight: Give your nails a few days between manicures to breathe and heal. Applying lotion and cuticle oil can be helpful for keeping your nails healthy and strong. 


Here at Nailboo, we’re dedicated to providing you with a professional-grade and long-lasting manicure, and that goes beyond our easy-to-use dip kits. We also want to ensure you have the information and resources you need to keep your nails protected during every manicure, and to support you whether you’re applying, removing, or simply enjoying your new polish. 

Check out our growing library of nail guides to get started! 



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