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How to Remove Dip Powder

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Taking off your nail polish shouldn’t require a trip to the salon. It also shouldn’t leave your nails feeling brittle and your hands feeling dry and cracked. Here at Nailboo, we believe in low-impact, high-effect manicures that can give you a professional style without exposure to UV light or lasting damage to the nails. While there are many benefits to the nail dip manicure process, the ease with which the polish can be removed is right at the top of the list.

The Basic Process

To start, you’ll want to gather the materials you need to get the job done right. A nail file (like the one from our grooming kit), Pro-Soak Acetone, cotton swabs, and our Nailboo removal clips are all the necessary tools for removing your nail polish while keeping your nails healthy and strong.

Begin by buffing off the existing nail polish with your file until there is only a thin layer left. The more polish you remove at this stage, the more quickly and effectively the acetone will work at taking off the rest. Next, dip your cotton pieces into pure acetone and apply them to your nails. Clip them into place and enjoy fifteen to twenty minutes of your favorite show or movie while you wait.

After enough time has passed, remove your clips one at a time and circle the cotton swab around to collect up any loosened material and to make sure all of the polish has been removed. A cuticle pusher can be useful for clearing away any stubborn polish and leaving your nails clean and clear.

Lastly, moisturize and soothe your hands. Proper hand and nail care is essential to your overall health and wellness and can prevent irritation, infections, and inflammation around the nail beds and cuticles. It also keeps your hands feeling smooth and protected. This is a perfect time to use our Dream Hands mask followed up our Cuticle Milk.

When you’re ready to begin the nail dip process again, Nailboo has your back every step of the way! Whether you’ve tried all of your favorite colors or you’re dipping your nails for the very first time, we have the kits, powders, and guides to make the process as easy as possible! Explore all the amazing color options available here at Nailboo and our library of information and resources on the nail dip manicure and begin trying it out for yourself today.

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